For everyday Pittsburghers “home turf” is our neighborhoods, streets, offices and homes. But no matter what place you call your home turf, you want it to be a clean, safe haven for you and your family – a place you can be proud to call your home turf!

The Pennsylvania Resources Council is proud to kick off the Don’t Trash My Turf! campaign in Pittsburgh.  The campaign’s goal is to raise public awareness regarding consequences of littering and to encourage individuals to take action to prevent and clean up litter.

PRC would like to thank the Colcom Foundation for its funding support. 
Starting today a new message will echo through the streets and neighborhoods of Pittsburgh:

Don’t Trash My Turf!

Dave Mazza
David Mazza
Regional Director
Pennsylvania Resources Council


The DON’T TRASH MY TURF! campaign is a project of the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) and
and is made possible by a grant from the Colcom Foundation.

For more information call (412) 431-4534.
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